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Nissan Leaf SV

Don't miss out on this one time offer to purchase a brand new Nissan Leaf SV at nearly 40% off* including federal tax credit.

The Details Behind the Deal

(07.01.16 - 08.31.16)

During the month of March we offered a special deal in partnership with Nissan for 40% off a Nissan Leaf. Over 40 Nissan Leafs were sold at one dealership. We’re excited to announce that the deal is back for the months of July and August, this time including a free level 2 charger.

  • Participating Dealers
  • Savings Behind the Purchase Option
  • Savings Behind the Lease Option

* Total Potential Savings Add up to 40.3%

  • No Charge to Charge With Nissan and ZEF Energy
  • Lease Payment Waiver Program
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Benefits of EVs in Minnesota

  • Electric vehicles are three to five times more efficient than vehicles powered by gas.
  • EVs often save you money over their life due to lower fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Because electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than a gasoline engine vehicle they can cost less than half as much to maintain.
  • More than one third of hazardous air pollutants in Minnesota come from the use of cars and trucks.
  • Driving an electric vehicle reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 percent.
  • Electric vehicles reduce our dependence on imported fossil fuels.

About Drive Electric Minnesota

Facilitated by Great Plains Institute, Drive Electric Minnesota is a partnership of Minnesota’s electric vehicle (EV) champions, dedicated to encouraging the deployment of EVs and the establishment of EV charging infrastructure through public-private partnerships, financial incentives, education, technical support and public policy.

We believe EVs are an important component of energy efficiency and cleaner transportation in Minnesota that is both financially and environmentally sustainable. Advancing EV deployment will have many benefits to Minnesotans, including reduced transportation costs, cleaner air, and energy independence.

State Legislative Policy Agenda

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