Finding the Right Vehicle

Want to purchase an electric vehicle (EV) but aren’t sure where to start? There are many types of vehicles to choose from depending on your needs and driving habits.

What Are My Driving Patterns?

The average American drives 37 miles a day, which is well within the range of EVs on the market today. To estimate your driving needs, track your average daily miles over a week or a month. Then, use one of the buying guides below to see which EV makes sense for you!


Where Will I Charge?

Up to 85 percent of charging occurs at home overnight. However, there are other charging options available for those who don’t have access to home charging, need a charging boost during the day, or are on a road trip.

  • Workplace charging. Some workplaces offer charging stations for employees. Plug in when you arrive for work, and your car will be charged and ready for you on your drive home.
  • Public charging. The number of publicly available charging stations grows every day, providing charging opportunities as you go about your day. These stations can be found in parking lots at grocery stores, hotels, movie theaters, shopping centers, parks, and more. Find available chargers through PlugShareand Alternative Fuels Data Center.
  • DC fast charging. DC fast chargers can fully charge an EV in about 30 minutes or less, which allows EV drivers to travel farther from home. Currently, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is expanding the charging corridors in the state through funds received from the Volkswagen settlement. Their dashboard shows progress being made across the state. Nationally, similar efforts are taking place to ensure drivers can use their EVs for longer trips across the country.

Learn more about charging here

Find a Charger

Here are a few methods you can use to locate available charging stations:

Mobile apps: PlugShare

In-dash navigation: Most EVs have navigation systems built in that can help find a nearby charging station with a few taps of your finger.

Web based trip planners: PlugShare and Alternative Fuels Data Center


Use these buying guides to explore which EV is right for you!

  • EV info list. Two guides compiled by Shift2Electric provide information on EVs available to purchase in the Midwest and United States. A third guide provides information on EV safety ratings.
  • Xcel Energy EV catalog. Specific to Xcel Energy customers, this interactive tool matches you to suitable EVs based on your driving needs and budget. Results provide information on available incentive programs, cost savings, and estimated emission reductions compared to conventional vehicles.
  • PlugStar Shopping Assistant. Produced by Plug In America, this interactive shopping assistant can help you find the right EV based on your driving needs. Results estimate your total cost of ownership, annual vehicle miles traveled, and carbon dioxide emissions. The tool will also inform you about upcoming test drive opportunities near you as well as local dealerships that carry your EV of choice. It also advises you on next steps toward purchasing an EV, including a Pre-Dealer Checklist.
  • NADAguides for consumers. The National Automobile Dealership Association and J.D. Power developed an interactive car buying and selling resource. You can search by body style with an option to search for EVs with details about MSRP, reviews, and vehicle specifications. Other resources on the site allow you to search for new and used cars for sale in your area, review new car previews, and more.

Purchase an Electric Vehicle

You’ve decided that you want to purchase an electric vehicle but aren’t sure where to go next. Thankfully, the EV Sales Savvy offered by Shift2Electric takes the pressure out of making these decisions on your own. Coordinated by the MN Electric Vehicle Owners, it’s a tool that recommends EV sales personnel according to a range of criteria.