Recap: Drive Electric Minnesota Statewide Scavenger Hunt Challenge

December 27, 2023 | | Events

Earlier this year, Drive Electric Minnesota organized its first Statewide Scavenger Hunt Challenge during the 2023 National Drive Electric Week, which took place from September 22 through October 1.  

“We wanted to provide a way for Minnesotans beyond early adopters to learn about and become interested in electric vehicle technology,” said Katelyn Bocklund, co-facilitator of Drive Electric Minnesota. “Our coalition strives to increase electric vehicle adoption throughout the state, and that begins with education and interest.”    

Electric vehicle enthusiasts from across the state competed in the challenge for their chance to win gift cards ranging from $50 to $100. Three challenges were released daily:  

  • Photo challenges required players to find and document relevant electric vehicle items like direct current fast chargers, vibrantly colored electric vehicles, and zero-emission lawn equipment. 
  • Multiple-choice challenges tested players’ electric vehicle literacy, awarding more points to players who answered quickly. 
  • Text challenges required players to write in an answer and tested players’ general and Minnesota electric vehicle knowledge.  

Players also received badges, ranging from “Novice” to “Expert,” as they reached milestones for the number of challenges completed. Eleven players received the Expert badge, which required completing at least 30 challenges (from a maximum of 34 challenges).  

Thirty-five Minnesotans from 19 cities participated in the scavenger hunt, testing their knowledge and finding electric vehicle items. By the end of the scavenger hunt, participants completed 665 challenges and received 80 badges. In a follow-up survey, 92 percent of the respondents indicated they gained more knowledge of electric vehicles by participating in the challenge.  


Here are your 2023 Statewide Scavenger Hunt Challenge winners who are identified by their username in the challenge:  

  • 1st place: punye, 1898 points  
  • 2nd place: Scarlettsky, 1856 points 
  • Tied for 3rd place: Jbeise99 & dhalsey, 1830 points  

After a successful first year, Drive Electric Minnesota plans to make the Statewide Scavenger Hunt Challenge an annual event and hopes to increase participation over time. Look below for a selection of highlights from the photo challenge! 

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