Minnesota Electric Vehicle Strategic Plan Public Engagement Series

April 26, 2021 | and | Events

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) invites the public to attend one or more virtual public engagement sessions it is hosting between May 17-26, 2021 to gather input about Minnesota’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategic Plan. There will be three general sessions and three that dive deeper on specific topics. All sessions will consider the risks, challenges, and opportunities for EVs to create a more equitable transportation system in the region.  Anyone can attend ANY of these sessions to provide feedback. MnDOT is especially seeking input from members of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and low-income communities. 

Background/Context: In February 2019, MnDOT, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and GPI released the report Accelerating Electric Vehicle Adoption: A Vision for Minnesota that included strategies to achieve the state’s goal of powering 20 percent of the light-duty cars in the state with electricity by 2030. The report concluded that strategies to maximize the benefits of the shift to electric passenger vehicles requires a multi-faceted approach:

  • Accelerate EV sales and use through education and other methods  
  • Build out EV charging infrastructure  
  • Coordinate on regional and national initiatives to expand EV charging opportunities  
  • Prioritize renewable energy to charge EVs  

While the Vision report was informational and provided an EV foundation for the state, it did not establish specific strategies to encourage state action.  

MnDOT released a second report in August of 2019, Pathways to Decarbonizing Transportation, with the purpose of exploring opportunities for greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions from surface transportation: light-duty (passenger cars and trucks), medium-duty and heavy-duty (delivery vans, semi-trucks, and buses), and motorcycles. The Pathways report began a statewide conversation about moving Minnesota toward a low-carbon transportation future to help avoid catastrophic impacts of climate change.

Much has changed in the EV landscape in the last two years with more automakers making large commitments to eliminate gasoline vehicles in the future, more EVs on the market, and a new federal administration with large EV goals. MnDOT is now looking for input on Minnesota’s next EV Strategic Plan that will set the state up for success as the EV landscape continues to evolve, all while working to meet the state’s climate and public health goals.   

We invite you to attend an upcoming session to provide your input on the draft EV Strategic Plan.    

General Sessions  

These sessions review all strategies broadly, which are designed with an equity forward approach.   

Topic-specific Sessions

These sessions will dive deeper into specific categories as noted below and are designed with an equity forward approach. You do not need to attend a General Session to attend a Topic-specific Session.

Who should attend? Anyone interested in providing input to MnDOT on how it should increase the adoption of EVs across Minnesota. We are especially seeking input from BIPOC and low-income communities.   

What is this project about? This project will establish strategies for the state of Minnesota to meet its EV adoption goal of powering 20 percent of the light-duty cars in the state with electricity by 2030 while keeping in mind its climate and public health goals. It is not part of the Clean Cars Minnesota rulemaking.   

What do I need to attend? We will be using polling via Mentimeter to gauge priorities and gather feedback. You will need to have access to a smart phone or be able to open another window on your computer to participate in the polling.   

The sessions will be facilitated by the Great Plains Institute. For any questions regarding this event, or if you have trouble registering, please contact Hannah Haas at [email protected]