Webinar: How Minnesota Can Lead on Transportation Electrification in 2022

January 28th 10:00am to 11:00am

In order to lead and reach the state's vision of 20% light-duty electric vehicles by 2030, Minnesota will need to adopt supportive policies at the executive, regulatory, and legislative levels. But what are the best new policies for Minnesota to adopt? Attendees will learn which policies Minnesota can adopt in 2022 and the benefits to an accelerated transition to transportation electrification in the state. This webinar is geared toward legislators, legislative staff, agency staff, regulators, and others in the transportation electrification advocacy community. Speakers include:

  • Rep. Jamie Long, Minnesota House
  • Corey Cantor, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  • Jeremy Martin, Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Deb Erwin, Xcel Energy
  • Brendan Jordan, Drive Electric Minnesota
  • Rick Tempchin, Alliance for Transportation Electrification
  • Amber Backhaus, Minnesota Auto Dealer Association
  • Sen. David Senjem, Minnesota Senate (invited)
Co-hosted by PlugIn America, Drive Electric Minnesota, and Xcel Energy. Please register if you plan to attend.