The 101 on Electric Vehicles for Minnesota

December 1st 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Drive Electric Minnesota and Plug In America are excited to present a free webinar series focused on accelerating electric transportation adoption in 2021, in partnership with Xcel Energy and the Sustainable Growth Coalition.

This introduction to electrified transportation gives attendees the basics about EVs, including information on where and how to charge them and the latest market developments. It also covers the economic and environmental benefits of electric transportation and how the state can overcome the remaining barriers to greater EV adoption.

Featured speakers:

• Brendan Jordan, Great Plains Institute

• Jukka Kukkonen, Shift2Electric

• Katherine Stainken, Plug In America

• Kevin Schwain, Xcel Energy

• Laura Andrews, Plug In America

• Lisa Thurstin, Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition and EV driver

Please register to attend.